Years of experience have enabled us to strengthen our market position and expand our network of contacts. We are thereby able to offer groupage services.

Groupage provides the consolidation of the various orders of the same customer transforming them into a single shipping, more manageable but above all more economical.

Groupage: definition

In logistics groupage is a “consolidated” solution.
The consolidation of goods corresponds with an operation which maximises space utilisation and transport management.
The consolidation of goods enables to only pay for the space occupied by the transport unit (ship container, airplane), thereby significantly decreasing costs thanks to an efficient organisation and space optimisation.  
More specifically, the goods consolidation phase occurs in the warehouse in different steps:

  • receipt
  • storage
  • preparation of orders and packaging
  • shipping of goods

If you assign your shipping to us you will be sure to receive skilled logistics services, qualified by many years of experience.

Our experts will follow every phase of the process directly, personally taking care of:

  • checking pre-shipping quality: verifying the ordered material
  • ensuring the correct preparation of goods: taking the utmost care in the packaging phase, complying with existing laws and safeguarding your goods, ensuring safe transport

The properly packaged material is shipped in a single solution, thereby enabling you to save both on packaging and shipping costs, as well as on insurance costs.
It is a proven service, guaranteeing speed, efficiency and accuracy, already appreciated by the numerous customers who have chosen to rely on us for shipping over many years.

The advantages

For cost and space optimisation, groupage is the ideal and most economical solution, which has several advantages:

  • lower transport costs
  • decrease in packaging costs
  • containment of insurance charges through the consolidation of various shippings
  • improved delivery times and loading and unloading operations

The optimisation and efficiency guaranteed by this solution ensure convenient cost savings, reduce various cost items considered fixed until now, besides significant organisational simplification.